Meet Our Trusted Partners

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Behind the Scenes® Productions (BTS)  has developed a powerful and collaborative network of alliances and partners that can enhance our core offerings and we collaborate with them regularly when a clients’ needs or project requires it. Our strategy encourages us to periodically work with these trusted partners to deliver the most effective and complete service to our clients. We understand that our clients want and need to work with the “best of breed” for their particular business situations, and that a combination of organizations may form the basis for the ideal end-to-end solution.

BridgeGap Solutions, works with clients to provide creative and cost-effective marketing and communication solutions that drive clients’ brands, focus their marketing efforts and meet their project goals, without breaking the budget.  They help bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

CataQuest Consulting provides an integrated coaching process to inspire leaders to make the mind shift needed to achieve new, strategic outcomes. They do this by addressing real business issues while cracking open relationship dynamics for the sake of enabling accelerated business results. Through this work, leaders and teams explore how their individual, team and organization beliefs drive their behaviors, which impact results.

Revunami is a strategic consulting firm that leverages digital technology to help not-for-profits, healthcare organizations, and businesses increase their revenue, helping them determine how the web and social media can best impact their bottom lines.

The Batten Group is a national premier executive search and consulting firm with an expertise in serving nonprofit, health and mission-based organizations, reaching beyond clients’ usual circles to identify outstanding candidates in a process that moves smoothly and quickly.

Robert Viola Partners (RVP) is a creative collaborative that helps businesses and organizations grow and prosper by creating, promoting, and managing strong brands — giving organizations direction and life.